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SConet is the E-mail network for all Orienteers in Southern California.

SConet is your place for local O-News.and discussion   Event reminders / directions / course notes /car-pooling/more. LONG reports, such as Write-ups & Results should not clog up the e-mail, but be sent to Web-master(plain text plz) for display on the club's web. An announcement will then be posted via SConet

We recommend you also join USOFClubnet and BAOC and for really serious orienteers Attackpoint

  • Attackpoint - For the Orienteering athlete : Event Discussions plus Orienteering training, racing, running, navigation ... Attackpoint lets athletes keep online training logs, post and view split times from competitions, and share training philosophy...
  • BAOC - for the greater San Francisco Bay Area , nickname Bayonet a very active network. Course notes and post-event reviews. Club business. Individuals post their splits and route choices.
  • USOFClubnet - The national o-net for the OUSA. It started as an announcement vehicle for clubs and has developed into an active discussion group of club and national policies. Mostly subscribed by club officers.
  • There are 128 orienteering e-groups on Yahoo! To subscribe, just go to YAHOO Groups and look through the orienteering directory. Once you are on one, it is easy to subscribe to others. All offer archives and digests. Here's a sampling :-
  • USOF BOD, O-west(PNW), DVOA, MNOC. HVO, O-map and many more can be found among the 128 Yahoo Groups.
  • O-net world-wide Now mostly from UK, but still regular posts from Australia keep this worth reading. Most U.S. discussion has moved to the USOFClubnet

SConet HOW-TO and Guidelines:

  • Subscriptions are approved ONLY on receipt of ID (See subscribing below). This is to avoid spam.
  • Members e-addresses are kept private on the web but do show on the posted email. BUT a member can correspond directly with another by visiting the yahoogroups/SConet website
  • Archives are available for Members-only.
  • Digest (instead of individual e-mails) may be set by Members
  • List owner, solver of some problems:
  • Members should do their own subscribing, changing e-mail, and unsubscribing - if you have difficulty, you 'may' also ask your Club President or Membership Officer to subscribe you directly AND you should then log on to yahoogroups/SConet to set your own delivery options

    All subscriptions need approval; send 2 separate e-mails:
    from the e-mail address where you want to receive SConet postings

    1.           to:
        subject:   blank
              text:   blank

    2.          to:
        subject:   sconet id info
              text:   full name / O-club / town-you-live-in & ZIP/
                          and name of another member you know

    Send blank e-mail
       make sure to send from the address you are subscribed with.

  • CHANGING your email address - 2 options   
    1) If you have a YAHOO ID - it is not necessary to have address. Log on to
    yahoogroups/SConet website and click on 'Account Info' at top of page for instructions
    2) No YAHOO-ID? first UNSUBSCRIBE at old address, then SUBSCRIBE with your new one.

  • OPTIONS    Digest, no-mail options (vacation), Archives, changing your e-mail address, etc
    Log on to
    yahoogroups/SConet website and click on 'Account Info' at top of page for instructions

  • POSTING and REPLYING to SConet:

    Send e-mail

    subject:   what its about
          text :   what you want to say
          text :   and sign it!
    Observe e-mail etiquette: short and polite, lower-case, and sign your name! Use simple text, not html or other unnecessary formats
    Replies now go to the whole group, At times you may want to send your reply to the original poster ONLY - so make sure to put their email address into in the To: and delete the group's
    EVERY piece of member-mail sent to SConet is automatically distributed and prefixed 'SConet'
    Unmoderated posting is for members only. Non-members: please send your post to for consideration.

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