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A simple on-line Event Control Form (example) is used to set up your details.

The Sconet Registration System (SRS) is very useful for all your events, however small, however few courses. And it will handle your large important events too.


  • Your first try is free! Currently we charge by event, by year or by number of entries - your choice and all very inexpensive.
  • Why use this system?

  • Lines at events to be very short and quick. It has every pre-registered person in your computer system ahead of the event, yes even the rentals!

  • It will adapt to any kind of Orienteering event, one or 2 day (may be expanded ), with any combination of courses - WYO, WYOR etc and USOF classes, Score-O, Street-O, Trail-O and more.

  • It works for manual pin-punching OR ePunching!

  • A simple on-line Event Control form is used by your MD to set up your details. ('MD' 'registrar' and 'contact person' are used interchangeably in this document)
  • A unique feature of SRS is the assignment of a RENTAL-Reserve # for eSticks - in effect a dummy-estick number for those who do not own one. This allows every entrant to be pre-loaded into the SI (or other ) system.

    This RENTAL-Reserve # is NOT one of your club's actual rental estick numbers*, and so avoids pre-allocation of sticks when runners may not even arrive. When the runner comes to the event, all that is required is to rent an actual eStick*, check in at ePunch with the reserve number and it is changed to the actual rental estick number. Everything else is already loaded! (You may want to pre-assigned rentals for packets, in which case we can do that by starting the dummy number at your first eStick number)
  • Volunteers:

  • There are links for people to click and volunteer directly via email! Now that is special :-)


  • SRS Entries are for individuals or 'teams' (2 or more people going out together, we avoid the confusing term "group" which could be a whole school group)
  • SRS gives the club all data from the entries. This info is their Race info and their ID - estick(if owned) email, telephone, address of non-members/public and safety information. This is especially useful for follow up to new people who come to your event
  • All entries have a REGISTRATION #, and a PIN # - the pin is only visible to the runner and MD and will be used for editing an entry prior to pre-registration closing. Can be used to CONFIRM an entry. i.e. payment received. (At this time system is set so they pay fees on-site, but you may ask them to send payments)
  • Communication:

  • RUNNERs print their filled ENTRY FORM from screen and are also sent a confirmation back-up copy by e-mail. The RUNNER brings this form with them to the event where they complete it with their safety info and sign the waiver, and pay any outstanding fees. They collect eSticks, bibs etc at the epunch upload station if the event does not use packets
         A matching blank form is provided for club use OTD (On-the-day)
  • Copies of the entry forms are OPTIONALLY sent to your MD- for instance your club registrar may want them for packets; or SRS sytems keeps them ; they just sit there unless needed
  • MD, receives an e-mail ALERT when entry has a comment or question or clicks a VOLUNTEER box. The MD can then handle it quickly.
  • Reports:

  • SRS provides pre-event reports which can be run at any time. They allow the club to know how many are coming, and which courses, plus the number of maps for each course. Some are public, such as Current Entries with Rideshare info, and ALL reports are sortable on any column, including by First _OR_ Last name.
  • Even if you only use pin-punching at local events, the reports that are provided to your club's Meet Director will be found to be very useful - they give counts on each course (= maps), identifying volunteers, non-members and those who wish to ride-share.
  • Future enhancements:

  • Paypal.
  • PDF output so all on-line screen printouts are indentically spaced.
  • PDF fillable forms - just like the IRS!
  • NEXT: How to set up the system for your next event: Please contact us by trying the simple trial event set-up.
    And for more detailed info try this first: setup procedure