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A simple on-line Event Control Form (example) is used to set up your details.

Explanation of Files and Pre-registration system

There are 2 main data files.

  • - this controls the process and has all information about event, including Rental Reserve and Entry counts.
    It is set up by you, using an interactive form. (example)

  • 2. The runner's ENTRY data - one record per Registration/Entry

  • - entries are from an On-line form (there is a matching OTD form.
  • - When registration closes, the ENTRY data is downloaded by your club as a csv file ready for the SI system.

    These 2 files are kept in a secure folder which can only be accessed by SRS systems and your club contact person.

    Here is a list of all the REPORTS which may be run at any time. The PRIVATE ones require an access number, unique to your event.

  • Event Status:
    Lists CONTROL file, and various counts:- Entry, Rentals and MAP counts by course. Run frequently to see how many have registered

  • Public lists of Current Entries for use at Registration and ePunch tables

  • Private lists for MD and eP chief only. (The access number is sent to MD for the event) These have private fields e-mail, address, comments etc. It should be monitored during pre-reg for any problems. The MD is automatically ALERTED via email to any Entry that has "comments" and MD is expected to deal with them as necessary.

  • Private NON-member contact-info Report and File -- (for membership chair, used only at close-of-reg)
  • STEPS taken at CLOSE of Registration:

  • Set event STATUS to CLOSED this prevents more on-line entries. (You may allow 'late' people to use the form and bring it with them, but they will not be in the computer)

  • Run Extraction of Entries to Si format
    the output file is used directly by ePunch. A sort is not needed. ePunch is responsible for running this

  • Run the Event system status report for MAP count, or do it and send counts to MD/CS for printing,

  • REPORTS: ALERT the MD to run/print/distribute these as needed:

  • Public ALPHA list for Registration and ePunch desks

  • Public RENTAL entries list for Registration and ePunch desks

  • Private ENTRY list for MD and eP chief

  • Private List and file of Non-members
    Non-members are listed and a csv file is made available for your Membership/Newsletter chair

  • STEPS to take several days AFTER THE EVENT:

  • BACKUP the event registration-file
    Inform SRS that you have finished with files.
  • --- end ---