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Missed videos and TIPS of the moment

You missed JOY of finishing!

You missed the CORN MAZE Champs, CSU - Cambridge Sports Union , Boston

You missed getting better at Course Design! OUSA guidelines - pdf

You missed how to improve your map reading from your armchair ROUTE CHOICES - for all

You missed tips to save seconds! Sprint Orienteering Training Tips - featured thru April 7 2011

You missed how to get there! My other passion - not Orienteering, except maybe how to get there! If only gas cost less!

You missed an excellent intro to Orienteering by young people enjoy O CALGARY

You missed being a-mazed at Anza Borrego! another Maze - its ANZA! and follow up with Clem's run-in

You missed being a-mazed #1! Jan 30th:

You missed the water! Jan 23rd:

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