Pacific Region Ranking Series

A series of events throughout the region where competitors accumulate points towards an Annual Ranking. The vision is to encourage competition, interaction and travel among the Pacific Region orienteers, and benefit the clubs by supporting efforts to provide A and B meets.

please note this site has been inactive since 2007 but all links are valid as of July 12 2011
Contact: Syd Reader, USOF Pacific Region Representative or Nik Weber, Pacific Region Rankings coordinator

2007 Pacific Region Ranking Series:

Jan 13-14 SDO B-meet 2 days classic Anza Borrego
June 23-24 LAOC B-meet 2 days classic Mt Pinos
Oct 13-14 BAOC A-meet Western States Championships Boggs Mountain State Forest, Cobb, CA
Oct 27-28 LAOC A-meet New MAP! Camp Sherman, Idylwild

All clubs are encouraged to sponsor a B-meet for the series!

2004 Rankings
2003 Rankings
2002 Rankings
2001 Rankings
2000 Rankings

Gnarliness values are used in the rankings process to assess the relative difficulty of each course.
2002 Gnarliness Values
2001 Gnarliness Values

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Ranking Series Information

  1. Open to all orienteers living in the USOF Pacific Region for more than 6 months of the calendar year.
  2. One must participate in at least 4 events in the same category (exception noted under Ranking Notes) within the calendar year to be ranked. Participation is defined as running a course, or being the meet director or course setter for a Pacific Region ranking event.
  3. Ranking is for individuals only, no groups.
  4. The A-meet event results will be based on only the Pacific Region participants (i.e. results from non-resident participants are ignored).
  5. The Iteration Ranking Method will be used to compute ranking points for each event, and each participant will then be placed in their designated category. The IRM was developed by Wyatt Riley and similar to that used by USOF.
  6. Interim results will be published by e-mail at times during the year. Any corrections to interim information will be corrected in the next publication.
  7. All A-meets in the region are automatically included in the series. In addition, each club in the region may have one B-meet day or weekend in the series.


F-Female, M-Male

J-Juniors (under age 21)
A-Adults (any age)
V-Veterans (age 50 and over)

White: F-J, M-J, F/M-A
Yellow: F-J, M-J, F/M-A
Orange: F-J, M-J, F-A, M-A
Brown: F-J, M-J, F-A, M-A, F-V, M-V
Green: F-J, M-J, F-A, M-A, F-V, M-V
Red: F-A, M-J, M-A
Blue: M-A

Required information from each ranking event that must be sent to Pacific Rankings Coordinator:

Results must list:

If you know someone does not meet the Pacific Region residency requirement, please remove them from the results you provide.

Ranking Notes

Additional Comments

  1. The four event minimum is designed to encourage travel between clubs.
  2. Groups won't be tracked because it is difficult to ensure that the group members are identical at each event.

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